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Technology being used for the greater good. 

San Diego Connect

A user friendly smartphone application to connect San Diego's care givers with those they wish to serve.

Connecting residents to information, resources and each other via a user friendly smart phone application.

  1. San Diego Residents
    San Diego Residents
    Military - active and veterans, their families, homeless, victims of domestic violence, troubled youth, the aged or simply people who want more information.
  2. San Diego Care Givers
    San Diego Care Givers
    Mental Health Services, homeless shelters, SD food bank, Father Joe's, SD Domestic Violence Council, Workshops for Warriors, SD Financial Literacy Council, SD Veterans Coalition, SD Suicide Prevention.
  3. San Diego Community Support
    San Diego Community Support
    The Padres, the Gulls, SDGE, Ford, Stone Brewery, Qualcomm, SD''s community colleges, employers and San Diego best businesses who support our amazing community.
  4. San Diego Connect
    San Diego Connect
    San Diego Connect will be gifted to SD residents and support teams. Positive and proactive connection and information to and from a diverse range of people and organizations.

Want to be included?

Want to make it happen?

Want to pre-register?

If you run an organization, large or small in San Diego please let us know if you would like to be a part of SD Connect. All we need to start is a single .pdf, your web site detail and the best phone number for people to contact you. 
Do you provide services to San Diego residents. Whether community colleges or SD employers. Let us know if SD Connect can help you reach those you wish to engage. Real time connect to residents who have downloaded SD Connect. 
Whether you are struggling or cruising along just fine there is NO downside to using SD Connect. Receive focused and current information, notices about events, resource details and links and a virtual handshake with fellow residents that you have something in common with.